Chicago Home Remodeling. At a Great Price.

Chicago Remodeling Builders presents Chicago area remodeling in its simplest form: a rejuvenated, revitalized home at a fair price.

Simple repairs. Window replacement. Siding, gutters and downspouts. Complete first-floor room remodeling. This is Chicago Remodeling Builders (formerly known as U.S. Builders Inc) and it’s all completed with small crews, a rock-solid schedule and a personal attention to detail.

Cabinets. Baths. Patios. Pergo flooring. Dramatic touches that make your home sparkle – made easy by Chicago Remodeling Builders. The straightforward, down-to-earth pricing will make you feel at ease. And the enduring craftsmanship will make you feel nothing less than at home.

It’s simple: to turn your Chicago area house into a beautiful home, there’s no better place to turn than Chicago Remodeling Builders.


Peter Szymczakowski

Motivated by a pursuit of classic quality that began in his native Poland, Peter Szymczakowski has spent nearly 20 years as a master craftsman and as the founder of Chicago Remodeling Builders. Contact today for a free estimate!